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  • ExcelCalcs- Free excel site featuring spreadsheets for engineers, scientists and students. Download our free XLC software which gives MS Excel the capability of displaying cell formulae as mathematical equations. Your worksheets will read like text books, they'll be easy to understand and easy to check. Download worked solutions and solved problems from our Repository or ask for help in the Forum. It's all free, so join our community and together lets make it grow!
  • EngineeringSpreadsheets.co.uk - Excel Spreadsheets for Civil, Structural, and Mechanical Engineers. Section properties and sling design,
  • Excel Spreadsheets for Structural Engineers - Spreadsheets for continuous beam analysis, bar bending schedule and material designs in accordance with BS and EC.
  • Newton Excel Bach, not (just) an Excel Blog - Great site with lots of usefull Excel programs and functions for scientists, structural engineers and students.
  • David Childs - Excel proformas - Spreadsheets for beam analysis under static and moving loads, design of steel and concrete bridges. Also is a great bridge informational site.
  • Excel Express - A site that offers a series of free and premium excel Add-ins for structural / stress engineers.
  • Calculators for Steel Buildings - Developed originally for commercial purposes, and now offered online for engineering students and academics. Snow, ice, wind, and seismic loading and shear analysis calculators.
  • mec Engineering Spreadsheets- The site offers various mechanical and structural engineering calculations in Excel, including bolted and welded connections, bolt and screw verification, threaded holes and shafts, pin connection design, shaft and hub connection, general design tool for plate, beams and sections, lifting lug design, cylinders in pressure, Herts contact problems.
  • NoiseStructure - Excel add-ins for a wide range of noise and vibration problems. Great interface and graphical visualization.
  • Earth Dynamic Consultancy - Spreadsheets for Structural Engineering - Our company provides Excel spreadsheets specifically for civil/structural engineers.
  • Structural Design software - over 190 building design spreadsheets. Steel, concrete, masonry and timber design, foundations, walls, beams, columns, lateral analysis, etc. (too many to list)
Beams and columns Continuous Beam Analysis - Educational site with in-depth discussions of all aspects of continuous beam analysis
BeamPro - Beam static analysis
BeamPal - Beam static analysis
Concise Beam - Design of precast concrete beams in accordance with ACI 318, CSA A23.3 or AS3600
Dr. Beam - Beam static analysis
Straight Beam - Beam static analysis
Beam Express - Beam static analysis and reinforced concrete beam design by EC2
pca column and pca beam - Analysis and design reinforced concrete columns and beam
EngiSSol Cross Section Analysis & Design - Performs all calculation tasks for composite, built up and generic cross sections of any material. Among its capabilities are the calculation and illustration of Moment vs. Curvature graphs, interaction surfaces, stain distributions as well as stress contour plots. Moreover, the program can perform reinforcement check/design as per AASHTO, UBC, AS 3600, IS 456, ACI 318, BS 8110, CSA A233, EC2, NZS 3101 and CP 65.
DTColumn and DTBeam - Concrete column design and beam static analysis
Atlas - Beam static analysis
PSBeam - Multi-span prestressed girder design
Response2000 - Reinforced/Prestressed concrete section stress/strain analysis
Engineering Portals BridgeArt.net - Resources for structural and bridge engineers
TheStructuralEngineer.info - Center for Integrating Information on Structural Engineering